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The Hotel Joli is the realization of a dream of his main partner, because of family a gift, inherited from his grandmother.

The oldest know that the first hotel in the city of Pariquera Acu was assembled in 1917 by Catherine Simonetti, better known as Nina, who worked at Avenida Dr. Carlos Botelho.

It was known "Pension Dona Nina, which hosted prominent people visiting the city, being the only one.

Thus there appeared the "HOTEL JOLI, development of excellent standard, promising to offer their customers comfort, safety and satisfaction.

The venue is privileged to be near the Convention Center of town and surrounded by natural forest, alongside the highway that leads to Regis Bitencourt.

Av. Olímpica nº 116 PARIQUERA-AÇU CEP: 11930-000
Fone: (13) 3856-4556 (13) 3856-4673
(13) 99673-3699